Overcome the pain and guilt after the marriage is OVER!

"Discover The 21 Breakthrough STEPS To Divorcing Ethically And Legally In 2015"

Critical information prevents mistakes.

Book Excerpt: Coping When Your Spouse Goes Ballistic

"I had no idea that there were so many things to consider when it comes to ending a marriage. I also didn't realize that there were so many options in how to actually do it. I am so grateful that I became aware before I actually started the process "

Jerry Latham Regina, Saskatchewan (actual reader testimonial!)

From: Dr. Reena Sommer - Psychologist.

Date: Fri Nov 16, 2018

Suppose you're living in a loveless marriage and its over... Listen to me, I can help!

I specialize in helping people going through what you're probably going through right now. My name is Dr. Reena Sommer. I am a practicing psychologist. On a daily basis, I help people navigate their way through ending their marriage.

Believe me, I know what I am talking about.

Leaving The Marriage.

Once the marriage is over, be prepared to follow my steps.

These steps, in the right order, are critical to overcoming unnecessary pain, frustration and whopping legal bills.

Without an action plan the following is possible: an unfair settlement, no access to your kids AND you could find yourself homeless!

There is an alternative.

The Leaving the Marriage Blueprint.

Using what I have learned over decades helping clients I have developed, "How To End A Marriage"

This report teaches the essential steps so that you can finally leave the marriage.

There are 21 steps that lead you by the hand through the entire process - from arriving at your decision to learning how to know if the new partner your find is the ONE!

In 130+ pages and without "fluff" I will show (page numbers on the right hand side!),

1. How To Arrive At Your Decision To End Your Relationship 15

2. How Do You Know You Are Doing The Right Thing? 20
Ways Of Getting Over Guilt 20
How To Avoid Hurting Children 20
How To Stop Second-Guessing Yourself? 22
How To Get Over the Fear of What Other People Might Think 23

3. How To Ensure Your Emotions Do Not Change The Outcome You Desire? 26
Reducing The "Roller Coaster Ride" - Feelings That Don't Want To End. 29
How To Get Off The Emotional Roller Coaster Ride 30
The Common Mistakes People Make When They Use Their Emotions And Not Their Brains. 31
Who Can I Relay On To Give You Support 35

4. How To Make The Right Decisions 44
Ways to Avoid Hard Core Litigation 50

5. How To Let Go Of Toxic Relationships. 52
What Makes Relationships Toxic 53
Abuse 53
How To Deal With Your Spouses Addictions? 55
Addictions, Codependency And Family Functioning 55
Codependency 56
Why Do I Feel So Responsible For My Partner 59
How To Deal With Control Freaks 61
What To Do If Your Spouse Is Making Threats. 62
How Do I Stop Myself From Wanting To Go Back? 63

6. You've Decided To End Your Relationship, But Now What? 65
Key Custody Issues To Consider 67
How To Simplify Your Life During The Transition. 68
Ways To Find Out How To Assess The Likelihood That Your Divorce Could Turn Nasty 70

7. Things You Should Never Agree To When You Decide To Leave. 71
The Secrets To Getting Divorced Without Losing Your Shirt 71
Factoring Kids Into Their Post Divorce Life 72

8. Moving Out And Dividing Assets 84
How To Move Out On A Shoestring Budget. 84
The Logistics Of Moving Out 85
The Do Not's 85
The Do's 86

9. Financial 87
Estimating The Financial Cost Of A Divorce. 87
Dividing Assets And Debts 87

10. How To Find The Right Time To Drop The Bomb. 88
What To Do Following Dropping The Bomb To Your Spouse 92

11. Communicating With Your Kids During Change 94
Common Mistakes Parents Make In Explaining Their Separation To Their Kids 94
What To Do Before Telling The Kids Its Over 95
How To Communicate With Your Kids Through A Time Of Dramatic Change? 95
What If The Divorce Is Between A Step Parent? 96

12. How To Cope When Your Spouse Goes Ballistic With The News You Are Leaving. 98
How Do You Cope When Your Spouse Is Going Nuts With The News That You Want To Leave? 98
Ugly Things That Can Happen. 98

13. How To Deal With An Insane Ex? 101
To Summarize The "Insane" Analysis 101
The Risk Of Analyzing Your Ex As Insane. 101

14. Dealing With Emotional Blackmail 104
Emotional Blackmail 104
Most Common Attack Of Nasty Spouses. 105
How To Deal With Kids Being Used As Pawns In A Divorce? 105

15. What Do To If You Ex Accuses You Physical, Emotional Or Sexual Abuse? 108
Recognizing The Warning Signs That This May Be Coming 108

16. Maintaining Communication With Your Spouse. 110
Mistakes People Make Over And Over Again When Dealing With Their Ex's 110
Why Is It So Easy To Do Nothing? 111
How To Be Able To Effectively Communicate With Your Spouse During The Divorcing Process? 112

17. Find Out Who You Are And Who You Want To Be. 114
Am I Being Selfish If I Develop My Own Interests 114
Discovering Who "You" Are 115

18. How To Keep And Maintain Relationships With The Ones You Love 117
People's Reaction To You When You Divorce 117
Some Relationships That May Be Sacrificed Along The Way 118
Loyalty Issues In Congregations And Other Similar Organizations. 119
Feeling Awkward 119

19. Discover What You Need From Your Next Relationship 121
The Are You Ready For A New Relationship Quiz 123
Assessing Whether This New Relationship Is The One For You 124

20. Preventing Old Behaviors From Ruining Your New Relationship 128
Why Do Old Behaviors Keep Repeating Themselves When I Know Better 128

21. Introduce Your New Partner To Family And Friends. 130
What Do I Do When My Friends Act Stand-Offish? 130
Why Do Children Reject The New Partner? 131

  • And so much more!

You Can Now Of Course...

Leave this website, go and hunt for as much free information you can, and you will mostly be none the wiser.

Or You Can Get Started Right Away...

By purchasing my report, you can take a short cut by using all the information in it to develop your exit strategy. In fact, if you get my report and it isn't everything I've told you it is you can request an immediate and full refund and I wont even ask you why.

Download and view "How To End A Marriage"on your computer now or print it out for viewing offline. Either way, it can be in your hands in only a few minutes. Only available from this site, this report is not available in stores.

You can download the report right now from this web site for ONLY $37.00.

It took me years and thousands of clients to figure this stuff out. Fact is, you CAN have this information for a fraction of the cost or time it would take you to figure out just a few of the ideas!

100% Money Back Guarantee

You don't have to even ask! At ONLY $37.00 "How To End A Marriage" comes with a credit card company backed 100% Money Back Guarantee. Read the report and try it risk-free. If within 45 days the steps aren't working for you I will refund your money - you can keep the report as my gift.

Are there FREE Bonus Items?

Yes. Of course! When you order I include,

Special Bonus #1 - "Selecting An Attorney" - A handy checklist and tips for finding an attorney that suits your needs.

Special Bonus #2 - "Seven Ways To Heal A Broken Heart" - This useful report helps get over the pain of the relationship ending.

"Everything you have written is so true - like having a plan of action before you talk to your spouse. I also liked what you had to say about how to cope when your spouse goes "ballistic". Anyone considering or going through a divorce can save a lot of aggravation and money by following the advice in your report. None of my divorced friends or even my attorney came up with anything as helpful as what you have in your report. "

Maxine Bonner Fergus Falls, Minnesota

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Final Thoughts...


This report can really help you. Whatever you decide, I wish you luck!


Dr. Reena Sommer.
Practicing Psychologist.

P.S. -- Wait... suppose you decide not to buy this report and you wait only to discover you could have saved yourself a lot of pain and frustration. How will you feel? I can't make this buying decision for you, but I can offer you this report with a 100% Money Back Guarantee. So please buy this report, I truly believe you will find it helpful.

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